Historical Incidents

Gunfight at the Palma
1890 San Jacinto tragedy where Pedro de Necochea, son of California pioneer Jose Maria de Necochea, is shot and killed by wealthy hotel owner Henry Theodore (H.T.) Hewitt (1829-1898) outside the Palma Hotel & Saloon.
Article by Jim Myers (m. Raquel Necochea descendent of Pedro's twin brother Salvador) California geneologist.


  1. I am the great granddaughter of Gabriel Necochea who was Pedro 's older brother. Another injustice committed by the hands of greedy white settlers, Pedros father was Jose Maria Necochea who was fighting for his land rights of Necochea Canyon. They found mineral water and the state was trying to take their land. 11 years if court they indured.

  2. Hewitt should have served his life in prison for the murder of Pedro Necochea